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Ill Manors (2012)

11 Jun

Of his directorial debut Ill Manors, rapper and wannabe auteur Ben Drew aka Plan B said he was making a “British Godfather”.  Well, despite an evident interest in interweaving narratives, Drew’s picture bears little relation to Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece. Sweeping epic this most certainly isn’t.

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12 Mar


Last week’s dire double-header of This Means War and Project X had critics sharpening their literary knives in preparation for this week’s headliner John Carter. Certain to prove as divisive as a very hot knife through incredibly soft butter, this Mars (ahem, I meant Barsoom) set sci-fi epic, takes top billing in what is once again a week of questionable quality. Elsewhere, Sean Bean kidney punches hookers and murders terrorists, a hirsute John Cusack tracks a serial killer, R Patz shags his way around Paris and Michael Winterbottom transports Thomas Hardy to Rajasthan.

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