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Five ways to avoid making a box office bomb

1 Sep

Five ways to avoid making a box office bomb
Johnny Depp and Arnie Hammer try to hide from bad reviews for The Lone Ranger (Picture: Disney Enterprises)

With news that The Lone Ranger is on course to become the biggest box office flop of all time, it’s a small wonder that the Hollywood money men haven’t come up with some ingenious formula to ensure that they won’t have to forego their next power lunch at The Polo Lounge.

Well, Mssrs Weinstein et al can rest easy, because I’ve cracked it for them.

Here follows the five hard and fast rules that will ensure those less than savvy execs avoid costing their studio yet another hundred million dollars.  Pay attention, because here comes the science.

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23 Mar

Hunger Poster

With The Hunger Games set to devour all comers at the box office this weekend, alternatives are few and far between. However, the post awards season malaise seems to have subsided and fare is of a markedly higher quality, albeit thin on the ground. If the child murder premise of said hunger games isn’t your bag, then Dexter Fletcher’s directorial debut Wild Bill, US Navy Seal propaganda pic Act of Valour and intimate Belgian fable The Kid with a Bike round out an eclectic line up.

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12 Mar


Last week’s dire double-header of This Means War and Project X had critics sharpening their literary knives in preparation for this week’s headliner John Carter. Certain to prove as divisive as a very hot knife through incredibly soft butter, this Mars (ahem, I meant Barsoom) set sci-fi epic, takes top billing in what is once again a week of questionable quality. Elsewhere, Sean Bean kidney punches hookers and murders terrorists, a hirsute John Cusack tracks a serial killer, R Patz shags his way around Paris and Michael Winterbottom transports Thomas Hardy to Rajasthan.

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