Good morrow,

Step into my office and take a seat and I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

crash/burn is the bastard child of Alex Beattie, a freelance film and news journalist who is Reviews Editor & Critic for www.lostinthemultiplex.com and Critic & Feature Writer for www.criticsnotebook.com.

Here’s a rather fetching picture of said individual…

Alex has previously written for  www.cinemattraction.com as well as The Croydon Advertiser, The Richmond and Twickenham Times and www.fenews.co.uk.

Raised on a diet of Trading Places and The Wizard of Oz, he’s a Marilyn Monroe fanboy, has seen Top Gun over 90 times and his favourite films are Singing in the Rain and The Breakfast Club.

He once saw Jared Leto in Marks & Spencer.

Now go forth and spread the word young stallion…

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