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Gravity (2013)

26 Nov


Survival in the face of desperate odds is a theme that Alfonso Cuarón has explored before.  His 2006 picture Children of Men is a sumptuous contemplation of the fierce will of humanity to prevail when in a seemingly helpless situation.  Whilst Children of Men considered the very existence of mankind, Gravity is a smaller, simpler story on a far grander scale; an examination of the sheer determination to live in an environment where life is inherently impossible. Continue reading


23 Feb

Where there is wheat there is inevitably chaff. And February’s cinematic harvest has produced an inordinate amount of chaff, as evidenced by the dross currently being served up at the box office. It’s a veritable graveyard out there at the moment and unfortunately it’s one that is populated by the likes of Danny Dyer, annoying kids with tambourines and Nic Cage’s flaming head.