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A Field in England (2013)

5 Aug



Ben Wheatley has steadily established himself as a director of considerable craft, boundless diversity and unabashed ambition; seemingly as comfortable helming an occultist horror thriller (“Kill List”) as he is a pitch-black comedy (“Sightseers”). For his fourth full feature, Wheatley turns his hand to 17th-century English Civil War psychedelia with “A Field in England,” a baffling but brave sojourn into the fantastical.

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Sightseers (2012)

4 Dec


Ben Wheatley wowed and baffled audiences with his thriller horror Kill List, an ethereal, atmospheric and very stylish tale of contract killers caught up with a mysterious cult.  It also announced Wheatley as director of real substance and one in possession of a masterful eye. It might come as a surprise then that Wheatley would choose to follow Kill List with a pitch black, very British comedy, a tongue in cheek tale of murderous caravaners bludgeoning their way through the picturesque English countryside.  But we should be thankful that he did, because Sightseers is a rare beast, a gorgeous, utterly bonkers and fiercely original breath of fresh air, a film brimming with self-conscious joy that is a pleasure to behold.

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