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From the Archives: The Disappeared (2008)

8 Mar

Johnny Kevorkian’s debut feature is an eerie cross-genre thriller-horror that is sadly let down by its muddled final act. The puzzling denouement is a genuine shame, as for the first hour, Kevorkian delivers a gritty and intelligent study of the themes of loss and isolation. Matthew (a hugely impressive Harry Treadaway) returns home having been in psychiatric care following the disappearance of his younger brother Tom, and frictions soon arise between him and his father Jake (Greg Wise) as old wounds resurface and the blame game begins. As Matthew digs up the past after hearing Tom’s ghostly voice on a video tape of a police appeal, his world soon begins to unravel.

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From the Archives: The Eye (2008)

22 Feb

You could be forgiven for thinking that the film industry had run out of ideas. The noughties have seen studios once again embracing sequels and trilogies as if they were going out of fashion. Even undeserving pictures such as Fantastic Four and Bruce Almighty have been afforded the follow up treatment, whilst long defunct series such as Die HardRambo and Rocky have all been reinvented for 21st century audiences. Similarly, a plethora of remakes (or “reinterpretations”) have flooded the marketplace, many to critical and commercial acclaim, particularly Martin Scorcese’s award-laden The Departed (a brutal re-imagining of Hong Kong’s Infernal Affairs). And it is Asian cinema in particular that industry has latched onto for inspiration, with French duo David Moreau and Xavier Palud’s The Eye following The RingThe Grudge and Dark Water into Asian horror remake territory, with their interpretation of 2002 Pang Brothers picture.

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