Holy Swastika Shaped Moon Base Batman!

8 Feb

Imagine my surprise and indeed excitement when back in May last year an email popped into my inbox entitled “The Moon Nazi Film Iron Sky Gets a Release Date And a New Teaser”.  The expression “you had me at moon Nazi”  has never been more apt.

Scraping my salivating jaw off my keyboard I thus read on.  As it transpired, said moon Nazi film was actually a Finnish-German-Australian (say what?  This just gets better!) production that had been in the works for five years.  Whilst I mused that maybe “Moon Nazi’s” might have been a better title, I soon realised that this pic was even more epic than it first appeared.

In a move that puts the audience collaboration of Snakes on a Plane into the veritable shade, Iron Sky is essentially the result of an extensive co-creation process between its producers and a burgeoning online fanbase.  Not only have the public been creating content and effectively working as Iron Sky’s online PR machine, but they’ve  funded the thing to the tune of €1 million as well.

Underlining the importance of this collaborative process, Producer  Tero Kaukomaa said: “It’s not only the money, these people has been very active in helping us producing and marketing the film in so many ways. If we were to count the value of all these contributions, we are already talking about several millions here!”

If the unique means of Iron Sky’s production don’t sell it to you, then perhaps a précis of the plot might.

It’s 1945 and a top-secret Nazi space program based in the Antarctic escape the collapse of the Third Reich by fleeing to the dark side of the Moon.  Establishing a swastika shaped base, the  moon Nazi’s spent the next 70 years constructing an armada of space ships in readiness for a return to Earth in 2018 with the express aim of establishing the Fourth Reich!

If even that doesn’t do it, check out the Nazi moon HQ!

It's only a shitting swastika shaped moon base!

If you’re still not sold on the concept then move on, there’s nothing to see here.  For the rest of you, to further whet your appetites (as if it needs it, it’s about blooming moon Nazi’s goddamit!), here’s the theatrical trailer.

Iron Sky, which receives its world premiere at the Berlinale this Saturday is due for release in the UK on April 4.

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