Avatar 2? NFM

16 Jan

And so first the good news, Avatar 2 has been delayed until 2016. The bad news is that it hasn’t been cancelled altogether.

The inevitable follow up to James Cameron’s unfathomably successful 2009 picture, which by all accounts accrued $2.8 billion at the box office, was originally mooted for 2014, with a third instalment due in 2015.

Cameron is expected to shoot the as yet unpenned sequels back to back, but producer Jon Landau revealed this week that we are still four years away from a release date.

Whilst fans of gangly blue giant aliens might be quietly sobbing into their cornflakes at the prospect of having an extended wait until they can once more slap on their 3D glasses and immerse themselves in the exploits of the Na’vi, I for one would happily wait many millennia before putting myself through that sort of pain again.

If the Mayans are right and the world does indeed end on December 21, I will happily embrace the ensuing apocalypse, luxuriating in the knowledge that Cameron was only able to inflict one sorry episode of his Dances with Aliens franchise on humankind.


Blue things doing something nobody cares about.

(originally featured at www.lostinthemultiplex.com)

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